The workshop is organized around oral and poster sessions, and plenary/thematic discussions. Subject matters of the workshop will include but will be not limited to:

•    New materials  and advanced technologies for sensors and Smart Systems Integration
•    Bio-Photonics
•    Micro & nano actuation
•    Energy Harvesting
•    Lab-on-a-chip & Micro-Nano-Optofluidics
•    Bio-inspired electronics and neural system architectures
•    Bio-signals processing
•    Wearable and implantable sensors and devices and other miniaturized systems interacting with the human body
•    Printed, flexible, biodegradable and biocompatible electronics
•    Sensors for Smart object & Internet of Things 
•    Sensor networks and UAVs based remote sensing 
•    Big data management
•    Application in: Health, Food, Ambient Assisted Living, Environment, etc.

The accepted papers will be invited to be re-submitted for the publication on a Scientific Journal.